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Who We Are

Petrochem Group, one of the leading group of companies in Bangladesh, established in 1990 but over the time has become one of the renowned business conglomerates in the country. Initially it was a dream of A B A Siraj Uddowlah, but after a long journey of 30 years, Petrochem Group has made a breakthrough in its strong foundation and business diversifying in Agro Sector, Power & Energy Sector, Real Estate Sector, Information Technology Sector, Chemical Sector etc. In the private sector, Petrochem Group is a name of Conglomerate with its sister organizations like Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited, Petrochem Agro-Industries Limited, Petro Product (Bangladesh) Limited, Bangla Solar IT Limited, Habitat Builders Limited, International Services (Bangladesh) Limited, Solar Power Limited.

Petrochem now a brand in the Agro, Power & Energy, Real Estate, Information Technology and Chemical Sector of Bangladesh has successfully created enormous opportunity of employment for the vibrant and visionary educated human resources. Petrochem mission is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Petrochem follows International standard on quality management system to ensure consistent quality of product and service to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Petrochem has been contributing greatly to the economy, GDP and also a vibrant tax payer of Bangladesh. Petrochem is playing a humanitarian role through contribution in the line of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Since my childhood, I adored nature and its beauty and studied Agriculture. On completion of my M.S. in Agronomy, Seed Technology and Entomology, at the American University of Beirut, I returned home and joined James Finlay as a Tea Planter in Sylhet. Thereafter I worked in Pharmaceutical Company for six years before joining Shell Petroleum Company. So I became an oil man, looking after both marketing as well as exploration of Oil and Gas. Despite being the Managing Director and Shell Representative in Bangladesh, I craved to pursue my own trade, which was agriculture and not Petroleum.

Thus, I started Petrochem (Bangladesh) Ltd. in 1990 in a humble way. Today, I remember with great respect those colleagues who helped me to take this company forward, but left this world before the completion of 30 years of this company. They are Mr. M.M. Alam, Mr. Jashimuddin, Mr.A N M Alam and many others, such as Mr. A. Rahim Chowdhury, Managing Director of Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. Without these support, it would have been impossible to the present Petrochem (Bangladesh) Ltd. May Allah bless them all in heaven.

Today, by the Grace of Allah, I am very happy that we have been able to build such a wonderful team of dedicated colleagues, both in office and the field, who can take this company to any height.

We are now engaged in educating poor farmers on how to increase his income even from marginal farms. We supply high quality micronutrient fertilizer and eco-friendly latest generation Agricultural Pesticides, which are harmless to useful insects and soil borne lives such as frogs, earth worms etc. Some of them even help in releasing plant nutrients which were locked and became un-useable by plants.

I feel proud to recall that we have been able to fix reasonably higher salary to our staff, compared to the Industry, besides introducing contributory Provident Fund, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Gratuity, regular training etc., so that they feel secured and competent to perform their job.

Many Internationally reputed companies are now associated with us and we enjoy the fruits of their Research & Development (RAD) work. Thus, our farmers are benefitted with the latest technologies in Crop Protection and high yielding and Hybrid Seeds. Through our reliable Officers and conveniently located Depots, we are now able to supply Fertilizers, Agricultural Pesticides and Seeds within hours to any of our more than 500 Distributors in any part of Bangladesh. Our packing are good and we do not experience any spillage, whatsoever, in transit. Germination of our seeds is always over 90% with full satisfaction of our farmers. Today, I am proud to note that Petrochem (Bangladesh) Ltd. is treated by farmers as well as by our Distributors as a company who always maintains very high quality of their products. May Allah keep this reputation of our company forever! Ameen

Late A.B. A. Siraj Uddowlah
Former Managing Director & Founder Chairman


Our Vision Mission & Core Value

Our Vision:

Petrochem’s vision is to play a leading role in improving the quality of life and well being of the people of Bangladesh through responsible application of scientific knowledge and modern skills.

Our Mission:

  • To attain the vision we devote our resources to provide products and services of high and consistent quality which ensure value for money to our customers.
  • To create an image as suppliers of quality products and services.
  • To ensure productivity of its operations and encourage innovative abilities of its employees.
  • To ensure superior return on investment through healthy and sustainable growth of the Company.
  • To contribute to the personal development and well being of our employees.
  • To encourage and support qualitative improvement of the services of our distributors and suppliers.
  • To participate in selected Govt./NGO Projects and in community services for the attainment of social goals.
  • To become a model as a responsible corporate citizen of our country.
  • To be able to have sustainable growth without disturbing the nature and continuous improvement in HSE



Our Team


Late A.B.A. Siraj Uddowlah
Former Managing Director & Founder Chairman


Mr. A.B.A. SirajUddowlah,was Managing Director of Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited.,He was a senior Agriculturist in Bangladesh. He obtained B. Ag. Degree from Dhaka University in 1959 and M. Sc. Degree from American University of Beirut in 1962. He graduated in Law (LLB) in 1970. He started his career in 1963 as Manager, James Finlay’s Tea Garden at Srimongol. He was the Resident Director of Sarma Chemical Works and Huqson’s Laboratories, Comilla, from 1968-75. Mr. Dowlah was Managing Director of The Shell Company of Bangladesh Ltd. from 1976 to 1990. In 1990, he started his own business in the name & style of “Petrochem (BD) Ltd” and later, expanded the business further by entering into other areas through the establishment of business concerns like “International Services (BD) Ltd.” and “Habitat Builders Ltd.” With a successful career in key positions of reputed national and international corporations & having a wide range of experience, Mr. Dowlah is well known in business circle dealing with oil products, chemical fertilizers as well as Real Estate business. He had been associated with various chamber of commerce and industries in Bangladesh..


Mr. Asif Uddowlah


Mr.Asif Uddowlah has over 16 years’ of experience covering multidiscipline aspects of real estate, house-building, hotel management, air scouting, science & art , and most importantly commercial agricultural business on agri-inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides. He did his Bachelor of Commerce from University of Dhaka& successfully acquired extra-ordinary academic qualification by completion of Diploma in Hotel Management in Switzerland. He has got a very strong foundation in his early life through acquiring Higher Secondary School Certificate and Secondary School Certificate from very organized and disciplined educational institutions namely Notre Dame College, Dhaka and BAF Shaheen School, Dhaka respectively. He has been very successfully running the commercial business of agri-inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides for not only making profit for the company but for the contribution of agricultural food and nutritional security of the agrarian country like Bangladesh. He has also been contributing to help creating living room for the peace-loving people of Dhaka metropolitan city by successfully endeavor my business in the fields of Real Estate and House Building. His key qualification and leadership roles maintained as former President of Debating Club of Notre Dame College, Dhaka, former Chairman and Treasurer of Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland. .


Mr. Saif Uddowlah
Managing Director


Mr.Saif is a professional with strong analytical abilities, effective communication skills, a dedicated and a committed individual with maturity beyond his age. Always determined to reach the highest level in his chosen profession. More than eight years experience in Sales & Marketing, Information Technology in international organization in overseas countries. He completed his Masters from University of Wollongongin International Business, Business Management, and Bachelors in Commerce specializing in Business Information Systems & E-Commerce. He has taken several training on different issues from homeland and foreign countries. Mr. Saif is a truly talented individual, one of those unique blends of technical and marketing vision. He has strong leadership skill and ability to engage and mange complex projects. He always loves new challenges and innovative solution.


Mr. S. M. Mozammail Hossain
General Manager (Finance & Administration)


Mr. S. M. Mozammail Hossain is the General Manager of Finance & Administration Department. He is leading this department as professional resources person of finance sector in Bangladesh. He has more than 17 year’s experiences in Finance & Administration sector. Before joined this company he worked with United Insurance Company Ltd. He has vast experience in Financial Management & Managerial Accounting. Mr. Mozammail completed his Bachelor (Hons) & Masters from Dhaka University in Accounting and also completed Agri-Business MBA from American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB).


Mr. Partha Sharathi Roy
General Manager (Marketing & Projects)


Seventeen years of experience in Sales & Marketing in the field of agro sector. He has enormous experience in Market Development, Sales & Marketing, Field Force Management. As a member of Executive Committee, Bangladesh Crop Protection Association (BCPA) Mr. Partha also working to improve quality of life of farmers of Bangladesh. He was former Convener (2008-2010) of Safe Use of Pesticide Committee, Bangladesh Crop Protection Association (BCPA). Mr. Partha completed his Masters from Dhaka University. He has vast experience on Sales & Marketing, Field Force Management, Agro-Business, Tea Garden Management and Marketing Analysis. He has also professional Post Graduation Diploma in Tea Management. He has strong leadership, motivational skills and successfully leading Marketing & Projects Department of Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited.


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