Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited is always providing support to unprivileged people of the society. Petrochem strives to realize better life, health and happiness for people by being integral members of society, sharing common values, and proposing new values through its business activities. In this spirit, Petrochem (Bangladesh) Limited was set up as the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) wing with a view of endowing various charitable causes for the benefit of the society in general, and especially for the less privileged for their education, healthcare and other amenities.

Education Sector:

Petrochem is providing financial support to unprivileged people. We provided support for higher education as well as basic education in primary and high school level. 

 Emergency Disaster:

 We are helping emergency disaster affected people. We provided supports in emergency disaster in national level as well as international level. Petrochem provided relief and financial support to earthquake affected people of Nepal.

 Environment Sector:

 We always encourage green solution. We are providing support for green renewable energy solution. We are developing awareness to save our environment. We motivated more than five thousand farmers to use environmental friendly agricultural inputs.

 Social Sector:

 We provided financial supports to unprivileged people of the society. We provided aid to build & development of Mosque, Library, Road and Home. From our aid lots of people overcome their poverty.